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World Vegan Day Malaysia is the largest vegan event in Malaysia.  This annual event hosts a wide array of delicious foods, entertaining talks and performances. It really is for everyone – vegan or not, who may want to adopt and consider a healthier and greener lifestyle. Sala Vegan Restaurant has been there as a food vendor each year and we had another successful event with lots of happy customers!


sala kl world vegan day


World Vegan Day Malaysia occurred this year on November 10th & 11th at Publika mall in Kuala Lumpur. This two-day event featured 34 vendors selling all kinds of food items and vegan products. It was proof to anyone that we can all lead a healthier more greener lifestyle with a little effort and conscious thinking.  Vegan food is not boring as many still believe. If you were able to grab a delicious meal at one of the food vendors like Sala, you would attest to the fact that Vegan food is delicious and in many cases you wouldn’t even know that you weren’t eating meat!  Other exciting events at the festival included fitness demos, yoga class, panel speeches, individual talks, and cooking demos! There was really something for everyone.


In addition to encouraging people to eat more plant-based foods, the festival was also aimed at educating people about being more aware of our impacts on the environment. For example, some vendors were offering discounts for those that brought their own containers thus eliminating plastic waste at the event. Another initiative offered involved receiving 1rm if you returned Jane Lim’s glass containers after purchasing her coconut yoghurt and probiotic drink. You could also buy your own bamboo straw and begin the journey of saying no to plastic straws and one-use plastic items.


The opportunity to listen to speaking panels of people discussing their own journey of adopting a vegan lifestyle was also really encouraging. These included many different kinds of people who spoke about the health benefits of eating plant-based food and eliminating meat and dairy from their diet.  Sala Vegan Restaurant was there selling our usual tacos, nasi lemak and some sweet delicacies as well (no meat of course!). We had a lot of satisfied customers who came back for more on both days!

sala kl taco world vegan day

If you would like to see more of the food you experienced at our stall, please drop by our main restaurant located on: A-G-03A Galeria Hartamas, No 21, Jalan 26a/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas. We would be happy to see you and to serve you for either lunch, dinner or an afternoon coffee and vegan dessert!


For more information about World Vegan Day Malaysia, please visit their official Facebook Page.

For some great Malaysian facebook groups that support Vegans in Malaysia, consider joining:

See you at Sala!

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